Luvere Studio and ceramic artist Alissa Coe have collaborated to create original architectural vessels for exotic plants.

"We were inspired by lost ancient civilizations and we imagined what we would find excavating at these sites. Lost ceramics, lost art, a whole other view on design"

Our objective was to dispense of the drip tray and create a new system. A vessel that included a place for water to escape and evaporate as part of the design, whilst still being an object of beauty.

The vessels are hand built, made of paper clay with a ceramic stain wash and hand waxed to highlight the makers mark.  



Alissa Coe

Alissa Coe is a ceramicist, artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. She endeavours to create objects and installations which capture the elegance and strength of the natural world using minimal form combined with fine materials and craftsmanship.


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