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Luvère Studio is an Art and Design concept collective who intertwine nature and technology to produce emotive creations that enhance our relationship with the natural world. They are drawn to concepts emanating from our current changing world, the effects of urbanization, the impact of our ecological footprint and people’s increasing demand for a more sustainable, healthier way of living. 


The studio’s intention is to create connections with nature and spark a dialogue involving that relationship, how we can move forward merging the natural with the technological. Applying a new approach to each work, their creations bring sculpture into installation, resulting in an alluring experience.


Founded by Joel Esposito and Oliver Welton, Luvère Studio is based in Toronto, Canada. Winners of the Wanted Design, Launch Pad for lighting in Manhattan, NYC in 2017, their work has been exhibited again at Wanted Design NYC in 2018. Commissioned to design the Luvère Studio Bar for IDS Toronto 2020 where they launched The Smoke Tower installation. 

The Luvere Studio Team
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