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Enveloped in a field of grass

Enveloped in a field of grass.jpg

Grasslands cover a huge amount of the surface of our planet, some 30 percent worldwide. They are inextricably tied with the human story. As children we play in tall grass. Our memories of this time are ones of safety, playfulness and protection. The sensations of being enclosed in tall grass throw us back to our youth; it is at once a space to play but also a space to hide. As adults we yearn to return to a place of safety and for the playfulness of youth. 


At the 2020 Winter Light Exhibition Luvère Studio will introduce its latest installation, “Enveloped in a Field of Grass”. The viewer experience will be as follows: semi transparent acrylic rods rise from the ground. The rods seen together simulate a field of tall grass. Multiple LED Light sources illuminate the rods creating a field of light. The intention is to invite the viewer to walk into the field and brush past the rods. As the participant passes through the field  the intensity of light increases to visually simulate the recalled emotions related to cocooning, feeling safe, being nurtured and being protected.

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