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The Sym Tower

luvere SYM tower 20182696-4-final4-7-fin

The Sym (Symbiosis) Tower is the second instalment of the 'Cage Light' series by Luvere Studio.

It stands as an angled column of light tubes 12’/3.6m  long that rise at an acute angle to create a leaning tower of light. The interior is filled with a selection of 100 live plants. Over time, the plants grow and force themselves beyond the interior and around the bars of light, absorbing and covering them.

Our intention with the Cage Light series is to create a greater empathy for green life, plants, nature, and ultimately Earth itself. We believe human overconsumption is directly at odds with the capacity of nature to sustain it. With the Symbiosis Tower we are underscoring the relationship between humanity, technology, and nature and the need to live sustainability in order to save our environment. Can we change soon enough before we destroy the ecosystem we rely on?  

The Sym Tower showed at IDS West 2018

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