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We envision our largest light installation yet, raised 12 feet off the ground and entered up through a transparent stairway. It will lead the viewer through a 40 foot horseshoe shaped tunnel of light, lit with 300 light tubes and bursting with plants. As the viewer walks through the tunnel, this experience of being engulfed by plants will have the feeling of shedding their city skin, almost a form of cleansing akin to a Shinrin Yoku, Japanese for ‘forest bathing’.

The installation will be created to shock the senses back to the beauty and the plight of the natural world, that we can often forget in our daily city grind. It is a call to action, a call to change. We have very little time to affect our bad habits that day after day and year after year increase carbon emissions and consequently global temperatures to rise. The rise itself may seem insignificant, we are currently only one degree above normal, but already we are seeing detrimental and irreversible effects. If we keep going at this pace, even half a degree more will spell interminable disaster.

Climate change is a threat to our basic human rights, the rights to clean water, abundant food, housing, safety as well as a healthy environment. We hope our U-turn installation will be yet another reminder of the vital times we are living in, this time where we had a chance to act and change course, effectively U-turn the planet away from devastation.

The U-Turn installation is a proposed project currently not yet created. 

Dimensions -​ 40’ L x 36’ W x 22’H Materials ​- Steel, LED lighting, plants, soil 

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